THE MANY FACES OF LOVE VERA SALBEGO REAL LOVE In the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, precisely in Alegrete there were two teenagers, who were beginning to attend the House of one another, because each other since primary school. Luiza and Bia walked together, and how they lived inside didn't have many choice of tours, then went to the parks, and theaters. The two liked to be together. The days were passing, and life as well. Luiza had a dog, and liked her a lot. Went to the Park and walked by wide avenues that beautiful place. Talked a lot about various subjects and realized that they had an affinity with each other.(here was a doubt: Luiza was going to the park with the dog and was talking with her? Or the friend was along with the dog and luiza?) Passed the days, a boy blond, clear-eyed wanting dating Luiza. Luiza had not yet decided to have boyfriend and was taking Paul to where you can. Until one day coming in his house sees that someone is talking with their parents. Was Paul! Was asking permission to flirt with her. Luiza was quiet, thoughtful, and realizing that this entering a dead-end, although didn't know why he felt that way. The days are passing, and Paul begins to attend their home. Their long conversations with Bia are getting rare. Realize that don't like the caress of Paul, but do not have the courage to talk to him. Paulo every day more passionate, don't realize the coldness of his girlfriend.Luiza. Confused with his ideas, is still thinking about his life, and realize that in your thoughts always comes the image of her friend Bia. Bia strange absence of her friend and is walking alone through the streets of Alegrete. One day going to a Rodeo, and finds Luiza and Paul. Go to your meeting, greets the two, and are there chatting. Realizes that Luisa not to look for her deeply and note which is stained with this situation. Bia became involved with their events at school, and realizes that he feels the lack of her friend, that today no longer after hours to help in the tasks of the classroom. Months passed, and the two only saw themselves in school. No more leaving. Paulo enthusiastic about the beauty of Luiza proposes, and goes to his house. There coming Luiza receives with the same smile. He full of love asks Luiza on marriage wanting mark for brief the matrimonial bond. Each passing day feels a sadness huge, Luiza that invades your soul. Reflects on the marriage application, and note that you are not happy with this situation, because it does not cease to think of Bia. Resolves to go the House of Bia. Going fast and getting there is Bia sleeping. Is admiring that wonderful body, those long hair and silky, and a special fondness starts to come to the fore. Feel in the air the perfume of her friend, that inebria your senses. Is there contemplating it. When Bia wakes up, sees his friend nearby, with a face of happiness. Smiles at her friend, and asks: "what are you doing here, its missing". Luiza does not respond, takes his friend, and gives him a kiss while feeling that is matched. Are there embraced, making carts into each other without saying anything. The hours pass, and don't realize, because they are so happy, that seem to hear violins in his back. Luiza then unveils the mystery that until there was thought much on her friend. Just didn't know what was inside of his heart a special affection by Bia. The two are talking about the subject. Luiza is happy with her friend, even more than Bia corresponds to his love. Bia confesses that he already enjoyed Luiza, but not had the courage to confess his love for her, even more than the other was dating, then sought to stay quiet in her suffering in silence. Luiza then says he will tell Paul, who does not love him, because this passionate about her friend. Back to his home, and finds him talking with their parents. Breathe deep, and says to Paul, who wants to talk to him. The two bays to the balcony, and Luiza account occurred. Paul, now sad with the situation says that had noticed the coolness of his girlfriend. Off-screen and he sad part, not returning more to your House. The evening arrives, and your parents want to know what happened to them. Luiza then sees his parents and tells the truth: I'm passionate about Bia, and she also loves me. We are happy. Her parents look and say: daughter is not easy this feeling you're feeling for her friend. But if you're happy we support. Because love you, and will always be our little girl. The three embrace happily. Luiza runs, and connects to Bia telling about what had happened, and also for his family. Mark a Moonlight encounter. Getting there the two hug and kiss each other freely sealing the love of both. DIFFERENT LOVE This is more of a story that I will report about a different love. Were two friends, travel, parties who participated in the University, and wanted to just take those divine moments of youth. Strolling through the city squares, liked to take long walks, and knew how to do the little things, a sea of roses. In those days the youth knew what he wanted. Claimed their rights. The years passed. And the two remained happy, by ways of life, without understanding that want different. Life took different directions, and each one followed his walk. A followed the direction of the lyrics, and became a writer and split their days between books, poetical soirees, and a lot of reading, and the other was taken by time. The years were passing, and forgotten was that friendship so dear. Other people were going on in the lives, and the intertwining of the two paths. Long twenty-two years have passed, and today, they were placed one against another, with their destinations already strokes. Bebel has a daughter, because she married soon after they separated and divorced today revises a friend of youth and enchants with its affection. (Bebel was married and had a daughter. Today it is separated. And soon after his divorce, finds her friend of youth, and enchants with its affection.) From that moment on they seek to live its emotional appeal, and deliver the passion.The daughter of Bebel, knows nothing of that relationship homo-his mother. affective They seek to quench the desire without any freshness and deliver himself to love. Your eyes are full of excitement, and leave them in this life uni path of no return. In the silence of night they exhale the passion coming from their hearts. Frosty winter mornings, Gaucho, dawn over the duvets, sated of that love. Nadejda enchants with the love and affection of Bebel, and resolve to live together. But still need to tell daughter about their relationship. The days are passing, and Bebel still do not have the courage to open up with his daughter, about the love for her friend. Until one day, his daughter's question about her friend: -Mother ... may I ask about the Mag? -Clear daughter! -Well ... mother ... feel that Nadia is a special friend to you. Like her very much, and I know that it just makes you well. Bebel is no output, and turns to her daughter and says: -Daughter ... I'm sorry not to have spoken before, but Nadia is more than a friend. I have a love relationship with her, and I was afraid to tell you. -Gosh mother! I thought we had a cool relationship. I accept this love of you. I find it very beautiful this affection, that you two have for each other. Invites her to come live with us want to share that love. The two embraced, crying with excitement, because the mother realizes, that knew how to create his daughter. Bebel leaves home and goes to the apartment of Nick, and says that her daughter is already knowing all, and approves their relationship. Nadejda astonished, and gets very excited. Bebel then invites her to come live with them. -Of course I accept this invitation is the thing that I wanted to be able to raise your hand to unveil your mysteries in the Moonlight nights. That night it seems the world conspired to that Union, and in the distance, a sweet melody. Today the two friends live their love sharing this sweet wanting, with his daughter, which today has two mothers affectionate, that only know how to love! So ends this sweet story, DIFFERENT LOVE. That shows the world, this love relationship that exists, and should be respected. We must end the prejudice that still insists on happen. LEAVE THE BIAS ASIDE, LET'S RESPECT PEOPLE! WE TWO AND THE SEA! Wednesday. Cold day. We got the Capão da Canoa, to visit the sea, and the friends who lived there. On the edge of the sea, was the first place that we went down to see the beauty of the beach and the waves. We were a good time over there looking, and resting from a long trip. Sisi still tired, wanted to stretch those beautiful legs, so it was walking by the moist sand. I was watching that brunette beauty, heading for the sea. The waves came closer to her, and watered their feet. And stayed there several minutes playing, and calling me, so I go play well. I decided to face the water, and went straight to her. When I approached Sisi threw a little water over me, I liked the game and did the same. Fall in the game, and our t-shirts were wet and transparent. Warning those delicious breasts, which appear ...I'm looking at those curves, you tease me. Go in the direction of Sisi hugging and kissing them with every emotion that moment. And we love right there in wet sand, only with the sea as our witness. We left there all dirty, and we went to our hotel, arriving there the staff were perplexed us. Dirty wet and Sandy. Talk that the car had spoiled on the edge of the beach, and we had to push. We went to our suite and take a hot bath and ask for something to eat, since we would be there. Our meal arrived, we ate, and we were in bed, on the lap of one another. Billowed. In the morning when waking up we saw, we had Sun, and went out to take our coffee. We took the cake, cold cuts, sandwiches and some canapés and take juice and went out for a walk. We decided to walk in the Centre of Capão to visit some stores that were open at that time of the year. We had already marked having lunch at a friend's House, who lived in the Center. But we had to make time to go there. Every time our eyes met and sorríamos of happiness one to the other. After all the time comes to lunch, and go to the home of friends, who are also couples like us. In front of the House has a garden with coconut trees and beautiful that adorn the home. The door opens, and Vivian smiles to receive us warning, that Flavia has been. We enter, we hugged. and we head to the beautiful living room, facing the sea. The House is cozy, with large living room, and indoor swimming pool in the courtyard facing the sea, our friends now retired living in Capon. Abandoned the metropolis by the calm of the sea, because Flavia is a painter, and there she finds inspiration to paint his canvases, which are known worldwide. Flavia enters the room smiling and says playing with her friends: "damned by who did not want to be our guests?." Then Paul says: "-Friends ... we do not want to take the rest of you, and we do not have time for anything, since we are on vacation." Okay, but glad you are here, now with us. I'm doing a lamb barbecue, because I know that Sisi loves. Oba, love lamb. We stayed there talking, and listening to music, while Francis was on the barbecue outside in the area. Will taking drinks, accompanied by snacks brought by the maid, while the barbecue is not ready. Exchange information on culture, economy and other issues. Flavia back to the room, and calls her friends for lunch. Leave the cups on the table of the room, and go to the dining room, which is already lit. The background music to accompany as sophisticated lunch, and companies. Lunch is perfect! All very good and the dessert of the gods. We had lunch, we left the room and went to the game room where it was served coffee. We were there a few hours chatting and laughing of life itself. The day passed, and arrives on time to go though. We said goodbye to our friends and we left. Leticia drove, and Sisi ia talking and picking up a few CDs to listen while the car glided around the streets of this charming city. In the hotel up to your suite and take their more and go to the thermal pool, and note that has no one, because this time the hotels are completely empty. Looking for swim and stay there for a long time kissing, stroking in water Come out thence, return to the room and they go together to the shower. Leticia contemplates her friend nude in front of you and kisses todinha to madness, they loose moans of pleasure, which also it also matches. The bed this tidy and the two fall over her and love each other beautifully. After love, tired body fall close to each other. Morning coffee in the room, Sam asks and that comes with a red rose. So getting the coffee she wakes up his beautiful girlfriend, and invites her to take the morning snack together. "-Good morning, my love. I mean that you are the most important person in my life and you want to live forever. " Sisi responds: -Good morning, my dear friend. I also love you and will love you forever. Took the coffee and were shooting the birds, which at that time appear there. Photographed, and between a kiss and others were leaving the time pass. The day was fresh and the two with Jens and vests walked on the sand hand in hand as if nothing in life were forbidden to them. Spent your holiday taking pictures, visiting friends, and enjoying the aroma and flavor of the sea with its culinary delights. The day comes to go, and her friends go to the hotel to say goodbye and Flavia delivery them a Capon for them. Get fascinated by the landscape. Thank you and if they saying, that in the next vacation will return to Capão da Canoa. Assim, termina nossa história, de duas mulheres que sabem viver e amar, apesar de muitas pessoas discriminarem essa forma de amar. “Toda maneira de Amor vale a pena”. REENCONTRO DE NÓS DUAS Meados de 2008, inverno na rodoviária de minha cidade natal. Encontro minha amiga que há muitos anos não via.( Meados de 2008. Inverno. Encontro na rodoviária, de minha cidade Natal, uma amiga, que não via a muitos anos.) Ela toda sorrisos, e meu coração batendo mais forte pela proximidade. Desci do ônibus, e fui ao seu encontro cheia de alegria, mas ao mesmo tempo nervosa. Abraços foram trocados, e percebi a ansiedade que nós duas estávamos. ( Percebi nossa ansiedade, enquanto trocávamos abraços.). Fomos para o estacionamento, e percebi que tínhamos o mesmo carro. (mas) Minha amiga, muito falante me contagiava com aquela fala mansa, com uma voz meiga. Chegamos em sua casa e, ao fechar a porta, ela veio em minha direção e, me deu um suave beijo, que correspondi com paixão. Senti que ali eu ficaria, pois começou a nascer um sentimento todo especial por esta amiga. Passamos os dias juntas, trocando delícias de carinhos. Nunca imaginei sentir, todo esse sentimento por essa amiga do Rondon. Fui correspondida por inteiro. Ela confessou ter ido em minha casa, no passado se declarar pra mim, mas lá encontrou outra pessoa, com quem eu estava na época. Falei que eu também havia sentido algo,mas não comentei, porque pensei, que ela jamais seria de mulher. Esse era o meu grande segredo! E ela também escondia ,todos os seus pensamentos. Ficamos falando por várias horas e, notei que o tempo passava e, a gente não percebia, tal era nosso encantamento. Daquele dia em diante não nos separamos mais. Passamos o verão juntas. Nosso amor, nosso fascínio é muito forte! Gosto dela, como se fosse a primeira pessoa em minha vida! No mês de agosto, ela esteve na minha cidade e, aproveitamos para viajar e, curtir todo o tempo juntas. Hoje estamos separadas, mas será por pouco tempo. Nosso amor é maior, e temos todo o tempo do mundo, para viver esse sentimento! Amo essa amiga, por sua meiguice, simplicidade e honestidade. Adoro ouví-la, pois a cada dia, que passa, ela tem muitos assuntos para contar. Nossos olhares se encontram, e vivemos nosso amor a cada dia que passa. Queremos viver esse sonho de amor com toda intensidade, pois ele nasceu em 1980, e hoje o sonho se realizou. VERA LUCIA MARTINS SALBEGO – A professora e poeta gaucha Vera Salbego é formada em Letras pela PUC e pós-graduada em Psicopedagogia pelas Faculdade de Amparo – SP. PE autora de vários livros e tem participações em diversas antologias nacionais e internacionais, participando do Clube de Poetas Uruguaianenses, da Associação Gaúcha de Escritores e Membro Efetivo da Academia e Sala de Poetas e Escritores Virtuais, Poetas Del Mundo, Revista Paralelo 30 e tem diversos trabalhos publicados no Recanto das Letras. Em dezembro de 2006 foi agraciada em Porto Alegre com o Diploma Destaque Cultural pelo Jornal Revolução Cultural do Escritor Benedito Saldanha. Também edita o blog Vera Salbego. Original Conversavam muito sobre vários assuntos e percebiam a afinidade que tinham uma com a outra.