FALLEN ANGEL Note from the Author The prostitution is an old theme to permeate all phases of the History of Humanity, however, is coated with an impressive relevance, in particular, through its contemporary variants, in other words, the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, sex tourism and trafficking of women. These are the issues addressed in this book and all the facts here narrated, although under the shell of fiction, have an unfortunate and unwanted realism. The characters and the names mentioned in the course of the weft are all fictitious, however, some of them inspired by people who, in some way, - in this story where there is some uncertainty as to whether life imitates art or if art imitates life - faced with the most unusual and bizarre situations involving the sex market in its more gloomy face. There is no intention to establish any stereotype related to those who exercise the hard labor of sex, nor to those who exploit or use these "services". The dramatic and surprising history of the prostitute Maria da Silva try to portray with the largest possible reality the deplorable practice of grooming children and adolescents, for the purpose of sexual exploitation, as well as the trafficking and the consequent enslavement of women, turning them into mere objects, overthrowing them of any dignity or honor, injuring them the soul with indelible marks. Finally, the story of Maria da Silva is the real history of women victims of sexual exploitation.