SHEET I am a falling leaf On the cold snow of misunderstandings. The back of quiet songs, The death that comes to the hearts ... The margin, The bow The boat I am part of the stones, crystals ... The blood that cries The death ... I'm avenues, headlights Reflex I am the asphalt, The black converse! The wind, The breeze, I am morning The music, Note, The pain of hearts ... The eyes Smiles Of the children, the questions ... The raindrops The cry of the dry land Winter Autumn The eternal spring! I am sand Desert I am the book on the table ... The page at random I am a point, The comma, sadness ... -------------------------------------------------- -------- MINES I am the mountains, mysteries Of coffee magestrais Gold, silver, ore Roses, alleys, stained glass ... I'm from sawn, streams Waterfalls, coal, ancestors ... Bohemian earth, my trace I'm from Minas Gerais! I've been riding without saddle I cut the forest, gardens Sitting at windows The arc of their houses ... I love to be that land Even far from home Street of flowers, remembrance I feel one day I will return ... General Thy heaven with me, Distance becomes loneliness My eyes, longing, my woes From childhood, playing top ... Mines charms naughty Barn faith, crowds Dress pockets of nights To accompany processions ... I look at the old portraits Feast of the Divine, holy day! There is a longing to live in The verses of love, my tears ... -------------------------------------------------- -------- A WALTZ OF THE MORNING Dream! The impossible dream Kiss the kids with smiles Pruning your garden Love your roses Sown on dry land .... Search the destination Hymn of Hope Dance The waltz of the morning ... Disrobes from the shadows Sit on the park bench It's really boring Truths of tomorrow ... Simplicity is loneliness Vain Tribute to the sun ... Living Simply Fearing the gods ... Get a glimpse of life in the north Wipe the wounds Debauchery! Live your own luck ... Quietly waiting Ponder oblivion Let the wounds in time Tomorrow, the sun's light ... Author: Marcia Christina Lio Magalhaes All Rights Reserved.