The Priestess from the Galpos Mounts
...and when she asked what kind of bread feeds the beasts, she answered showing her dagger - dirty of blood - as a symbol of the bestiality and cruelty of human beings. After that she threw it into the fire in a demonstration of disdain, while the furious eyes of her executioners contemplated her unsubordinated gesture.
Then they commanded the animals to attack her, but that woman had no fear, she was not intimidated by them and stood there without movement, and, unexpectedly, opened her arms as if offering her meat to be eaten by their atrocious teeth. She moved her eyes and stared directly in the eyes of the beasts without a single sign of fear. When the first attacked her to taste the blood, it fell on the land contracting in pain, which provoked a general surprise. Seeing this scene the others, withdrawn and under spouts and plages, dispersed with the remaining members of the legion. This wouldn't be the bread which would feed them.
Still wounded, she rose and walked directly to the beast, who was still fallen, and took it in her arms. It was not but a poor sick dog that, scared, ran into the forest trying to find its way...
                                                                                                                   Jamile do Carmo