I scream for a world without injustice
I scream for better people to live and deal with
I scream against the hunger for money throughout the world

I scream to end the oppressors and the oppressed
I scream to end the rich and poor
I scream to end the strong and weak

I scream to exterminate conflicts, wars, and battles
I scream because my only instrument is my voice
I scream because I am human, and want that all be equal and happy.

I scream, because I want to scream for my people who suffer
I scream, and want that all scream for a better world.


Pacify, my brother.
Establish peace on earth.
For the good of humanity.

Pacify, my brother.
Don’t destroy yourself for so little.
Love your Neighbor,
It’s so easy,
Just try.

Pacify, my brother.
Don’t wish for more than you can give and realize.

Got to understand that people are
Not the same
There are differences of feeling, of thoughts and taste
Just try to understand:
I am me
You are you
We can only unite
Though mutual respect

Pacify, my brother.
Don’t allow yourself to be corrupted.
Be faithful in what you feel.

Pacify, my brother,
Because that’s the only way
To preserve something
From what has been nearly destroyed:
The life

Poem from the book Two Continents, Four Generations by Beti Rozen and Peter Hays:

What he would say if he saw me?
Would he cry?
I think he would smile.
He would take care of me
with lots of affection.

He would tell me stories
about Poland,
about his pony.

I wish I could ride a horse with Grandpa.
Would I fall?
I don't think so.
But if I fell?
He would hold onto me
with lots of affection.

He would teach me
how to sell.
What to sell?
From furniture to books,
even ideas.

If Grandpa was alive,
he would enjoy walking with me on the beach.
Drinking coconut water
and introducing me to all his friends:
"He is my grandson."

But Grandpa is not alive,
all that's left are Mom's memories
and a name in a strange language
that I carry with me.

Thank you Grandpa Luiz or Lejzor.
I am Louis Philippe;
I carry it with lots of pride.

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