Taste to think as a simple form to search to understand the reasons. 
Taste of silence because it allows to hear the voice me of the heart. 
Taste of the nature because she is one of the forms of expression of God. 
Taste to read, because reading I search to hear in silence the soul of the writers. Taste to write. It is an expression form!

     Our History Is written

    … At this moment, the last melted ice drop fell and if the dimension of an ocean esparramou in the soil earning ahead of my 
eyes, that sucked me instantaneously closing itself after that, and leading me of inexplicable form for a spectacular trip in the time.

    The trip in the Time

    When arriving at some place in the time I was contemplating the nothing and the everything, as it was had lost in the universe, 
was then that somebody was come close to me and said to be the assigned informer to follow me in the trip. While it talked with 
it on as I had there fond, it said me that he did not have reasons for concerns because our history already was written, then very 
curious I interrogated it:
    ___ If already is written, then I can read it?
    ___ Not. It answered. Not accepting its reply as definitive, I insisted after all that if history was mine I had the right to know it, 
if it could not know it because it would have made such trip? The informer did not want to give many   explanations and he lead 
me to a stroll for the forest of the life, where he at a distance showed many labyrinths, many people to me going and come, 
some seemed happy others in such a way nor.
    I asked why she had been invited to make that trip. It answered:
    ___ Its curiosity and its desire for knowledge had qualified it to the invitation.
    ___ Who invited me?
    ___ Then you do not know? It questioned.
    ___ Not. I said. But I came and nor I know where I am. Everything that I know is that I am in the time. It looking at fixed said me:
    ___ and because you are worried about this? To know where time you are is not excellent what it is important is to know what 
to make with the time that you have yours to make use.
    ___ Who invited me? You do not go to speak to me?
    ___ Who could invite you senão Mr. of the Time?
    ___ I can see it? I asked immediately.
    ___ You see the time?
    ___ Not, I do not see it.
    ___ If you do not see the time, then, as you could see you of the Time? If the time is invisible you also does not seem obvious 
that its Sir either?
    ___ Yes, but I thought that in the time the proper time if became visible.
    ___ thinking thinks that everything can and that everything can materialize to the human eyes at some moment or place, but some 
things will be forever invisible. It explained.
    ___ Compreendi, but since I made this trip, would like to go the library of the time. It is possible?
    ___ Yes - the informer Said - Follows me.
    I followed it and when arriving at the library I was astonishhes before the amount of books, all facts of an indestructible material, 
writings with a type of not legible writing in the planet land, but it was legible there even for who had not been a fabetizado here, 
since all know there to read and to write, is as to know to speak and to walk. Already I heard to speak in the book of the life, the bible 
mentions it, then soon I thought that all those books would be the books of the life of the people, but exactly thus I questioned it:
    ___ If all these books are books of the life of the people as somebody can locate its?
    ___ Imaginas that all these books are books of life of people? I do not understand why, therefore beyond people other beings and 
things exist whose books are all here.
    ___ Then in this library if finds all type of literature?
    ___ Yes, not only of the literature that already was written in its planet, but of all the other planets and also of what still it will be written 
in some time and place. I, being ahead of that universe of knowledge it could not leave there without turning pages some books, exactly 
knowing that it could not read, even because was only of ticket.
    Adentrei the library whose organization logical and is perfectly commanded as the visitor, that is, all the books if lines up ahead of the 
visitor as if the time knew it and knew that type of book wants and which accurately intends to have access when extending the hand. 
The criterion adopted for such alignment and step is the knowledge will that to predominate in the heart of the visitor at that moment, 
if reorganizing as its will goes moving. The informer observed me as if he very did not understand well my fast perception of the environment 
and my joy to integrating me the same as if already he was known by me.
    After some seconds of silence while it felt me in house, it if approach to me and ask:
    ___ You already was librarian of the time? Astonished with the question and without the the least to know what she would be librarian 
of the time, therefore for what I had perceived to that library I did not need librarian, I answered:
    ___ I do not know, but I find that not, therefore that necessity has here of librarian?
    The informer decided to explain that the organization to me of the library and as it presents to who in it adentra varies as the person, for 
some people, it if she presents with librarians to guide and to follow the visitor, assisting it in the search of the knowledge that she desires. 
Continuing its explanation it said:
    ___ But I perceived that when adentrarmos the library, it if organized and if it presented you with the alignment that only presents the 
librarians of the time. I asked it:
    ___ Then I can be a librarian of the time and I do not know?
    ___ Is possible. It answered. Many people who arrive here do not know what they are, some accurately nor know what they only search search. 
I asked to the informer, as a librarian of the time would really know if I age. It then said not to have permission to give the reply, but if I was I 
I would discover at the certain moment.
Soon I observed that in the alignment of the books that were ahead of me, it had one who if detached and shone with a indescritível brightness, 
then I asked to the informer:
    ___ I can read any book that wants? It answered:
    ___ Any book that wants not, but any book that has the knowledge that it came to search, therefore to the times its eyes sees a book and you 
it wants, but the knowledge that its heart searchs is in another one and for the organization of the library the book that will come you will be that 
one that has the content that its heart searchs.
    ___ What the book happens if that I to want I will be also that one whom the content has that my heart searchs?
    ___ You doubly will be contemplated, therefore it will have what it desires and what needs, but since already I clarify that rare this happens. 
My eyes were almost dragging that book for me, but I decided to ask why rare it happened.
    ___ the human eyes many times see and want things that do not need while the heart always searchs what it needs and the library of the 
time has as priority to supply the necessities of the travellers of the time. The informer answered.
    ___ If I was a librarian of the time I I could manipulate this organization and always bring me what my eyes desired and that had the content 
that needed? I asked.
    ___ Not. It answered. Adding that the organization of the library of the time cannot be manipulated by nobody, not even for the most skillful 
librarian. The time if only organizes in the proper time and thus it is so that the travellers do not run the risk to be induced or lead for ways that 
are not its proper ones.
    While it answered, I contemplated those thousands and thousand of books with if did not have end of my eyes ahead, the distant, narrow 
corridors, with transparent shelves and organized books from above below, the one after other and saw books until where the sight reached in 
such a way for top as for the deep ones and for the laterals. All the transparent almost equal shelves, as they were of material glass color, but 
did not see letters, nor if it saw the content. I extended the hand and I waited that the book came me that I needed, exactly that my eyes was 
shining for that if it detached and my heart desired it. I closed the eyes for some thousandth of seconds and felt a book arriving at my hands. 
With one it has touched soft I felt it. April the eyes and for my surprise and joy was the book there that I desired and that I needed. I was radiating 
and moved, almost it could not contain me of as much joy. The informing amazement looked at for me and expressing a great joy dancing and 
cantarolando it said:
    ___ Border, Border, Border! You she is a librarian of the time! Rare I bring here a librarian of the time, but you she is one. Border, border, border! 
I did not understand the reason of its joy, but this for me was doubly rewarding, therefore, for same me I already was very happy. I did not understand 
its expression border, border, border, found that I was saying to open the book, as was a password, then I asked: 
    ___ Border, border, border is a password?
    ___ Not, is an expression of joy of an informing one when it brings here a librarian of the time and in its language it wants to say: 
To love Is enough To love. Feeling the book in the hands as if it was the most precious treasure of my life, I asked to the informer if it 
would have some recommendation before opening and reading.
The informer who before was cantarolando, silenced and said:
    ___ the book that you desired and has the content that you need is the same, then this book is the book of its life. When it said this, 
my heart if he agitated, my temperature increased and my hand heated the book, as it was had if fundindo in it.
    He continued the informer:
    ___ Many does not have courage to read the book of the life, therefore they fear what the future them reserve in the world of the human beings. 
Then the recommendation is the following one: before opening you need to understand that:
    1. Any interference that you it desires to make in the course of its history will have consequences and changes.
    2. If you to want will only be able to change the end of its history, therefore the beginning already is written.
   3. Its history is written in chapters and you when expressing the will to open the book it will be opened in the chapter whose content you lode to search.
    While he observed it intently my will increased and badly it finished to say I liberated my will for what the book of my life was opened ahead of me and 
I could read. When confiding which was not my surprise that waited to see in it letters, lines and words that could read and see everything on my past, 
gift and future, but nothing vi. Then I asked for the informer:
    ___ Where is the letters? How I will be able to read it if nothing I see? Necessary to use eyeglasses special? The informer, laughing for itself exactly said:
    ___ Quão limited is vocês! By chance you thought that it would go to find in the book of the life written with inks and visible letters to the human eyes 
as if it sees in the planet land?
    ___ Yes, I thought, but if it is not, as I can read the book of my life?
    ___ Olhe the book and closes the eyes of the body, therefore if they will open you the eyes of the soul and you will see as in an energy cloud the 
content that searches and relaxes, therefore the agreement of what you only read will be possible for that to allow same the delight itself of the physical 
relaxation and the peace spiritual. I followed the recommendations of the informer and saw, with the mental eyes, soft clouds going up and I descend as 
if they were small standards with the content of that chapter of my history. The chapter that I read at that moment, was the chapter that I lived with you, 
but even so has read all chapter, did not understand it completely. When concluding I asked to the informer:
    ___ Because exactly having read the entire chapter I only obtain to remember the content of the first one and of the last part?
    ___ Because during the experience of the too much parts its heart was divided between the three times: past, gift and future. It swims hinders that 
at another moment you it can remember, but this will only occur will have some utility for you. When concluding the reading the book was closed 
automatically and returned the shelf. I looked at for the informer and as if it wanted to make plus some questions it simply said:
    ___ A librarian of the time always can come back, therefore the library always will have the knowledge that you and that the necessary world. 
When I asked what she was librarian of the time and which the importance of being one, it it waved, it closed the curtain and I came back I 
eat if I had waked up of light soneca.

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