to my son Samuel David

© Dalva Agne Lynch

you will again open the door
a pack of dreams on your back
pockets full of enchanted hopes
hands holding tight to your eternal now
and I will have to say goodbye.
but not today.
you are still here
your pack of dreams laid aside
your enchanted hopes stowed away.
I will tread carefully my path
lest time awakes again to run.
After all
for some wondrous reason
you have willingly given me

Yellow Ribbon
Dalva Agne Lynch

There´s a yellow ribbon tied to my door.
It says to the World
that my son is at War.
There´s a yellow ribbon
tied to the World´s heart.
There´s a yellow ribbon on the door
of all the opressed
the hungry children
the women behind their veils
the girls raped in prison.
There´s a yellow ribbon on every wall of separation
visible ones and invisible ones.
There´s a yellow ribbon soiled with black oil
on the shacks of Palestine
on the plantations of Eretz Yisrael.
There´s a faded yellow ribbon
on the boats fleeing Havana.
There´s a yellow ribbon on every man
who still has a conscience.
On the people marching in South American streets
fearing for their future.
On the people filling churches
filling temples, answering grounds.
On the people curved through the night over books
while working the whole day for the daily bread.
Yes, there´s a yellow ribbon
tied to the World´s heart.
Someday - I hope it comes soon!
I´ll take down the yellow ribbon from my door.
Some day - and there´ll be weeping and gnashing of teeth!
all yellow ribbons will be taken down
from every door in the World.
On that day - with songs and dance and laughter
the yellow will sparkle only in the sun´s rays
and in the wings of butterflies.
The children and the women and the girls
and all who are burdened and heavy laden
will be dressed in all colors.
And men - those who imprisioned the World
behind yellow ribbons
will be exiled in yellow flames.
Oh, how I wish this day would come...