Godmother's stars... My stars...

          On that night everything was mystery and solitude.
          Although, it was enclosed of friends amid one of the usual and lively party of the group, well to the adolescents' taste that they were a vacancy sensation of melancholy it corroded the Julia’s heart.
         There was on that night emptiness, a something of solitude, of absolute won’t be alone, of having somebody to love and to be loved... Has a lot that Julia longed for John's love, she dreamed to be her lover... But he seemed not to see that love... And she was there so close...
          The night went for the half and, bored, Julia came out for the small garden that surrounded the house, to take some air, to breathe the night that involved her outside.
          She was leaned to the grating of the wall and there she was looking at the stars that there in the high they sparkled, while she thought... she thought about her love, in his glance, in his captivating smile... In his voice...
          How long there was that she wanted to conquer him! And he seemed at least to understand the veiled message that discreetly their eyes passed him...
In those moments of romantic contemplation, there it was her looking at the stippled sky of beautiful and distant stars, that there are in the high sparkled indifferent to her solitude. And the objective of her candies and young thoughts were there, well in her vision line, however, as always, beautiful, dew and distant heart...
          Julia sighed feeling in the chest a mixed of pain and disillusion deeply, thinking:
- "After all, why don't approach me?"
           On that moment, a light ray crossed the sky of the north for the south - a magnificent shooting star was made to notice in all her beauty and luminescence...
          Glued eyes in the sky, in the trace of phosphorescent light that she left, Julia made the request mentally: - "shooting star, godmother's stars, my stars, it accomplishes my desire and don't leave him pendant: Do with that John comes here, now, and be my boyfriend." - "Now, beautiful star!" - it emphasized mentally, looking at the sky.
          The last track of light of that fire star faded and she lowered the eyes, well on time of seeing the objective of their dreams there in front of her, inviting her to dance. Julia felt a chill...
          She accepted his invitation, however, not without before to look for the sky where seconds before the incandescent light of that star had shone... Godmother.
          Accompanied by the youth of their dreams entered in the living room... And they danced the rest of the night, charmed in sweet love idyll. She badly could believe that that harmed star had assisted to her request so quickly.
          But she had assisted and there it was Julia beside her new boyfriend, as so many times she had wanted. There were days of happiness and enchantment, after all Julia had gotten what so much had longed for.
          Now she had John's sweet love, his glance, his smile... Ah! And his to sing, his candy to sing to the guitar... But there was in Julia’s heart, per times, a vacancy certainty that the sweet enchantment would not last.
          One day woke up with a stranger sensation in the chest; however there was not any reason to justify that badly to be that, suddenly, it devastated her soul.
          She felt as if the air was different, as if the air was tangible, as if she could see the air, or to catch it. She didn't know how to explain well, but that was the sensation that, for several times, she felt on that day. No matter how much it tried, she didn't manage to do a correlation of what was feeling with any real event. Just a stranger sensation that something unpleasant if it passed and it inconvenienced her repeated times on that morning.
          Then, about the half day, precisely when she enters in the living room, coming of her room, it felt that horrible sensation again, only that this time came clear the memory of a dream, a dream that had had in the previous night and of which there was not reminded still if.
          It was night and Julia saw if in a quite peculiar position, she was hovering on the street, well in front of John's house, when she saw him to arrive, to open the gate of iron and to enter... Before, however, he looked upward and he saw her, but without anything saying entered home...
          Memories... so real that didn't seem it was a dream. 
          Immediately, Julia understood the reason of that find strange badly to be.
          - "But that was just a dream, it was not real" - she thought, trying to move away of the chest that oppression.
          Then, the telephone rang and quickly Julia assisted, still, feeling in the chest the melancholy that the remembered scene of the dream had brought her. It was one of their friends, telling the innovations of the previous night and wanting to know why she had not gone to the party of Andréa’s birthday, her friend.
          In that instant, everything cleared up in her mind. On that moment, it was knowing for the friend that John had been present to the friend's birthday, without at least to invite her and she understood that when she saw him in dream to open the gate of his house at the two o'clock of the morning, her, Julia, was really there, in spirit and truth, verifying "in loco" her lover's arrival home.
          It hadn't been a dream, she had been there and she sees him to arrive at dawn in his house. Her love dream was undone... And before verified it, Julia will already become sad with the fact when that godmother's stars memory assisted to the memory, as if she told her: - "shooting star's present is as fairy present, it doesn't last forever, it disappears, it finishes inextricably to the twelve clang of a bell"... But it is worth the dance... Ah, is been worth!