Short Stories
The street bends up the mountain, seeking for fresh air and open horizons. It looks for a unique landscape, far away from the squeezed buildings within the city core.
Filled with flowers and birds, the street exhales peace. Some cats jump from yard to yard, defying the high walls.
The morning breeze blows a silly chill, which is rather ignored. Even so, the honeysuckle shivers.
A wild dog frightens the school teens that pass by with their knapsacks.
Nobody sees the body that swings, up in the modern two-storied house front porch.


She became schizophrenic at six in the evening while the Hail Mary Pray echoed. Some angels told her to quit everything and run towards the convent to seduce the little Fleur-de-Lis, while others advised her to go to the nearest shopping mall and buy the red color lingerie – the one with the slot that coincides with the birth slots – and go up to the Avenida Afonso Pena heights where, yes, she would be near the sky.
Then Marilene walked two steps ahead, two steps backwards and paralyzed, hearing the voices coming even closer . 


Plunged into darkness, the house sleeps.
Not me.
Far away, the humming, subdued rain. The thin rain and the leaves rolling along with the wind.
For millennia no shaft of light has disturbed the place, as an untouched sarcophagus. Death within death within death within death. That’s it. So it is.
Everything has its place: four chairs over there, on the wall the poet’s dream, crystal pieces, necklaces, stones, flasks of perfume, fruits, one table at 45º and the closed door.
I have known all this by heart. for millennia.
But I also know that a rose bud, slow and silently, blooms in the darkness. 


She ate him at ease, licking her lips and whispering all her pleasure. But she wasn't savage at all. Quite on the contrary, she was very courteous.
She ate him little by little, with elegance and wisdom. She torn him into pieces, didn't throw away any bone, no matter how small it was. She ate all of him, even the fingers of his foot.
First she swallowed his lips, and sighed slightly.
When she devoured chunks of his back, she howled with no fear. As she sucked his legs, she almost lost her mind.
She did lose her mind upon licking the tender parts. She sacrificed him with great pomp and removed his guts without any guilt. But her best moment of joy arrived when she ate his head.
He lost his skin, his flesh, was naked inside out. She had no mercy- and conquered his heart. At last.


I have you now between my legs
Like a fallen angel.
Inside wrinkles, within leftovers
In my pores, out in the corners
I have you now
Even deeper.
A truce of sigh and joy
You sleep
The deserved rest.
I have you now
As if our eternity would last.