A Message From The Author

It is almost a common sense how much human beings yearn for happiness and only find delusion. Everyday we find more and more people with psychological blocks (competition, jealousy, alcoholism, drug addiction, stress, anxiety), with physical diseases that are, in most cases, rooted in their own minds. We see so much destruction in Nature, suffering of animals, wars, struggle for political power, so much aggressiveness in adolescence.

This goes unnoticed, because we are so involved with world's problems and its paranoia, that we cannot realize the reasons behind these behaviors. But most of us dream of changing this picture, right? We dream of:

— not watching no more news on TV telling us someone was killed because someone wanted to steal his wrist watch;
— not having any more discrimination against the poor, the colored and foreigners;
— stop destroying Nature.

This is not an Utopia. It may and it will happen, if we stop thinking the world lies in chaos and start struggling to rebuild it.

It is of the utmost importance that we begin to think with the heart. Indeed, because reasoning has not worked at all, cause, if it had worked, we wouldn't be living in a crazy world as we do now."

Translated by Thereza Christina Rocque da Motta