Rose Elizabeth was born in São Paulo - SP, but was raised in Rio de Janeiro - RJ, and declares her love for both cities. She currently lives in Fortaleza - CE. 

   Since childhood she is fascinated by books and to read, is her main leisure, habit that she passed on to her couple of children. Still in the adolescence began to write its first poems and chronicles. 

   She worked for twenty years in the area of advertising and publicity, diversifying her walk between advertising agency, publishing house, press advisement / events evaluation agency and print media. 
   With her grown children, her restless mind sought new directions, and attended a College of Interior Design, and Postgraduate in Lighting Projects - Arts, Engineering and Architecture. She was a collaborator as Lighting columnist in the IBDA - Brazilian Institute of Architecture Development. There are still publications in the magazine "Construction Ceará - Architecture, edition 10, and in magazine "LUME Architecture", edition 55. She is the author of the Guide of Lighting for recreational craft - yachts and sailboats, still unpublished. In 2010 she participated with two chronicles in the compilation "Elas Escrevem" - Andross. 

   In 2013 she became a professional writer, through the publishing house Vida e Consciência, and her first book was released in March 2014, the novel "Challenging Destiny". The success of her debut meant that, just nine months later, his second book "True Ties" was released. In 2016 came "The Loves of one Life" and in April 2017 "How to Forget", all by the same publisher. 

   She participated in April 2017, the XII International Book Biennial of Ceará, with a lecture on the theme of its launch "How to forget." 

   Spiritualist, Rose Elizabeth has studied Spiritist doctrine for more than thirty years, but when asked about being a Spiritist writer, she reaffirms that she is a writer; write, at the moment, about the influence of spirituality in our quotidian, about of all that we can reflect on our vision of the world, seeking a higher quality of life, self-esteem, happiness and peace. 
   But her job is to write and create, passionate about arts, already working on texts of dramaturgy and scripts. 

   Being with the family, writing, reading and painting: I feel I have the best of all worlds