Idelma Santana, was born in Luziânia GO. At two years old a already demonstrated the flair for writing, the walls, not his father's documents were spared. At five, he moved to Brasília, and at fifteen he began to write poms.
     In April 2009, she published her first book, " BRAZIL GROWING"  Which was one of seven selected among hundreds of works, to be released on the Salvador Biennial. In july of that year, she sent her poems to a competition in Portugal. They  turned a book celled " PASSION".
     In 2010, Idelma Santana wrote a hundred poems, which became the " POET"  book. He also wrote the romantic comedy " WANTED A BOYFRIEND DESPERATELY" In 2011, she wrote her first book esoteric " PHENOMENA" In 2014 wrote his first children's book "QUEEN OF THE RING THELFT IN THE ENCHANTED CASTLE"  and is currently writing a book of self-help that the priciple is entitled: " LOOKING FOR HAPPINESS"
     Idelma Santana has participated in several potry competitions and all your subscribed poems were selected to be part of anthologies. "Poet's love" and " Women of Brazil"  are texts that  have already been closen to be part of three anthologies two in Rio de Janeiro and another in Switzerland.
     Idelma Santana is a versatile writer who writes the most diverse genres, poetry, romance, chronicles, esoteric, chidren's.