Writer and award-winning artist, Isa Magna is also a dentist, specialist and master in Orthodontics. 

        She is Brazilian, born in Piraúba (MG), a small rural town. She currently lives in Manhuaçu, at the center of the eastern region of Minas Gerais, a large coffee-producing region. She is married and has two children.

        “Cabeça Desvairada” (“Headlong”), her newly published novel stands out among her works. A fictional work based on true facts, which narrates the saga of a woman called Ella. In this book, which at its core brings to life a universe that ranges from the micro-region where the story takes place, to the macrocosm touched upon by the themes covered, a seemingly ordinary life is pulled apart and its internal conflicts turned inside out. A story that moves from the sweet to the profane, with traces of love, nostalgia and humor, surprising the reader until the very last page.

         Another trait of her works is an integration between poems, painting, sculptures and drawings, in diverse techniques, for social questioning and critique.
         In the refuge of her country home, on the banks of the Simonésia river and under the shade of the Atlantic Forest, she writes her books and devotes herself to fine arts.