"It's not because the fields are gray you have to dry, there are green trees all year"

Monica Valeria was born in the city of Goiás, land known as the home of Ana Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto Bretas, (better known as Cora); on July the 13th 1972; where ever lived and only got to know his hometown after 42 years. She currently lives in Brasilia.

She is Physiotherapist and Theologian. Specialist in neurological adult disease and Master in Health Sciences. In her training area she developed a rehabilitation leaflet in stroke, which is used in the hospital where she works.

Monica has always been involved with arts, her plays were presented during the time of study in high school, in various schools, and for seven years taught belly dancing. Only when she becames a ministry in her church, it was found out that was passionate about reading and writing. She began writing her own studies and sermons, which inspired her to write texts and make a website where she could spread a little of her words.

Her great passion, after Christ, is to travel, where she learned to make deep reflections about life and about herself. Began to cast a different look at the world and your culture which inspired even more to write.