Carmen Lucia Hussein is a poet and university professor , with a Master's Degree, PhD and Post-Doctoral studies(Institute of Psychology at the University of São Paulo), in School and Educational Psycology. She completed a specialization course in this area at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin. She has published some books, several articles and received five international distinctions in this area. She has been conducting a reflections study on creative writing courses in poetry, for students. She participates in the Brazilian Association of School and Educational Psychology (Abrapee -SP). She has an affinity for literature and poetry

Her mother, Thereza de Oliveira Ribeiro, inclined her toward poetry, since she herself was a poet. Carmen Lucia has 20 books of poetry, one of which translated into Italian, French, English and Spanish, and another two in Spanish. She participates in 132 anthologies, including 71 published abroad, 42 in Portugal and in the Portuguese-speaking countries. She published 161magazines, and 48 of which are published in 40 newspapers and magazines abroad.

Carmen Lúcia has written poems on a variety of themes, such as love, loss and nostalgia, and others that pare meditative, religious or social-critical, as well as about nature. She also has poems expressed in lyrical form. Some of them address human fragility, the finite nature of life, the ephemeral and eternity. Her meditative poems offer reflections on existence and search for its meaning. They express deep existential issues of life. The poet explores the uncertainties and dramas of life in her work. There is an underlying humanistic dimension in her poems. Her work is based on existential philosophies (Christian or not). Her poetry is simple, melodic and sincere.

. She belongs to 7 Academies and54 Associations abroad as member or associated ● Center for Literature and Arts of Lisbon (NLAL_PT) ;● International Circle of Writers from Spain - (CIEE) ;● Academy of Literature and Arts of Valparaiso - Chile (ALAV) ● Society of World Poets (Canada;● Center for Literature and Arts of Buenos Aires - Argentina (NLABA) ;● Mozambican Diaspora Writers’ Circle - Africa (CMED) ;● “Associazione Culturale Internazionale Mandala – Milan – Italy (ACIMA) ;● Honorary Title of Ambassador - Divine Académie Francaise des Arts Lettres et Culture - Paris - (Divine Académie) ● Academy of Literature and Arts of Brazil – Swiss section / ALB,.Plus another 15 national academies and three associations as member or associated as member or associated: UBE; Rebra (SP); Literarte (RJ)

.She has won various awards in Brazil and abroad, such as: ● High Distinction awarded by the Divine Académie (Paris) ,● Literarte Award 2015 and 2016 “Best Poets” in Recife i and Ouro Preto 6;● Honorable Mention in Poetry in the III Varal Literature Award 2015 in Geneva;● Award given by the NLAL - Lisbon 5;● Award of Excellence given by CEMD.)

A number of her books have been launched at Livraria Cultura (2007, 2008, 2010, 2012); International Book Biennial of São Paulo (2014) and Rio de Janeiro (2015); Frankfurt Book Fair (2014); Geneva Book and Press Fair (2015); the Paris Book Fair (2015); the Turin International Book Fair (2016); the 22nd Prague Book Fair (2016); and the Caminha International Literary Fair of Portuguese Cultures - Portugal (2016).Some of her books and e-books are being disseminated in Lisbon, as well as books for Portugal and Spain in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia. Born in Taubaté, she currently lives in São Paulo.