Vânia Ribeiro de Andrade writes books for kids and teenagers. She defines herself as a Sagittarian who loves life and those who have a big and friendly smile.

She hates those who have a stingy view from life and from other people, bad taste and  those boring songs played on the phone when she is waiting to be attended.

She appreciates sensibility, creativity, friendship, resting while reading a good book, goodness, intelligence and a good chat.

She believes in God, life and people.

At this moment she is living her best mood because of the projects she is doing and dreams she is making to come true.

She stills hope to do and learn a lot of things for classifying herself as an eternal learner in life, love and war.

Vânia was born in Fernandópolis, São Paulo’s countryside, and lived in the following cities: Indiaporã, São José do Rio Preto and in the great São Paulo. She moved to the state of Pará with her parents in 1979 to live in the city of Marabá, but she went to Belém, returning to Marabá, future capital city of Carajás. 

She is graduated and specialist in Portuguese Language, both courses were attended at Federal University of Pará (UFPA), in Marabá.
Vânia is a State Public Official. She also worked as a public teacher, teaching Portuguese language, Brazilian Literature and writing techniques for children and teenagers. During the period she worked as a teacher she could notice the deficiency students had to comprehend the subjects she taught and she realized that the lack of reading by the teachers leaded students through a painful path. 

With two other friends she launched the book “Marabá e suas lendas” (Marabá and its legends), rescuing Marabá’s history and the legends of the region. The editions of this book had sold out. 

For several years she contributed to a weekly newspaper called “Opinião” but she stopped writing because of the lack of time. 

Member of the Language Academy of Sul Sudeste Paraense, she occupies the chair number 11 and her patron is Cecília Meireles. 

In this 2011 she is going to publish the book “ Pedro, Pedroca na Amazônia”, which is already finished but waiting for the drawings of the artist Rita Corrêa and artist BINO.