Daniela de Castro Callado
(Writer and teacher)

Curriculum Vitae

Childhood and Youth in Fortaleza (Brazil)
Until 1990 – School attendance at Sítio do Picapau-Amarelo, at Instituto Educacional de Alencar – A Escolinha, at Colégio das Irmãs Salesianas Juvenal de Carvalho, at Colégio Capital and at Colégio Batista Santos Dumont
1991 - Vestibular (A Levels) to the University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR - Universidade de Fortaleza - position: Second place for Social Sciences) and to the University of Ceará (UFC - Universidade Federal do Ceará - position: First place for Literature and Linguistics)
1991 - One semester of Social Sciences at UNIFOR (A private university))
1991/1997 – Studies of Literature and Linguistics at UFC with specialization in German language and literature, conclusion in 1997, after the second strike since the beginning of the course, teach of idioms as Portuguese, English and German, Tutorials at UFC, Research in Linguistics and Brazilian Literature with scholarships of CNPq
1994 – Stay in Germany (Bergisch Gladbach) to practice the idiom
1995/1996 – Residence in Germany (Cologne) as an exchange participant of the exchange program between UFC and University of Cologne (Universität zu Köln), teach of idioms Portuguese, English and German
1997 - Specialization in German Studies at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) supported by DAAD
1999/2005 – University degree of Roman Philology, Intercultural Pedagogy, German Studies and English and American Literature at the University of Cologne (conclusion of the first three areas, diplom Magistra Artium), Tutorials of Brazilian and Portuguese Literature at the same university
2002/2003 – Participant of the SOCRATES Program of the European Union at the University of Warwick, in West Midlands, United Kingdom - Studies of American and English Literature
Since 2006 – PhD and teach at the Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin – Freie Universität Berlin), teach of Portuguese at the Volkshochschule in Cologne, organization of a virtual community (Blackboard) at the FU Berlin, since October 2007 working with a scholarship of the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation for Freedom, where she actively participates in seminars with political, economical and social issues
From July till October 2007 – Research work and teach by STIBET, from the Free University of Berlin, supported by DAAD
Since 2007 - Member of the Feminine Academy of Ceará (AFELCE – Academia Feminina de Letras do Ceará), in Brazil
Since 2009 – Member of the Brazilian Writers Net (REBRA – Rede de Escritoras Brasileiras)