During her academic career, she has worked in the schoolteaching, as a professor of vernacular and foreign languages, at private, federal and state universities, as well as at governmental institutions.
As a lecturer, she has lectured in Congresses about the teaching and learning process, with an instrumental approach, an area in which she has become an expert and defended a Master's thesis at the Pontíficia Universidade Católica de São Paulo - PUC.
Because she was a prizewinner in literary contests, or because of invitations, she participated in four anthologies among poetries, short stories, and chronicles, with publication in newspapers and magazines. As a Brazilian fiction, she published "The heaven through the fickle lacework of the leaves of the Amazon".
Nowadays, she lives in Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil, where she is a member of the Writers Union of Brasília city. She was born and raised in Manaus; an Amazonian writer who, predominantly, discourses about the Amazonian mythology, as in the recreation of the female boto legend - the Amazon River dolphin. She is a militant of the utopy of the green defense, intertwined with scary victoria-regias.
She prefers to think that, in the search for her muiraquitã of happiness (luck amulet), she exchanged the Hylea by the loneliness cerrado, although, even there, she keeps on screaming to the nothing of nobody, her everlasting slogan: "SAVE THE VICTORIA-REGIAS!" She likes to assume herself as a leaf that silently ALONE, cries.