Eneyda Rosa Fiocca ,thai is my name. Pandora, meu pen name.
Like the mythical creature, I never know before hand whati will come up out of this
"creative box" existing in my mind. It is something intuitive, a challenge to me.
Even though, there remains the hope for communicating something fresh,new.
Endowed with a strong imagination,even before learning to read and write, I used to
write in that "creativebox". I made up stories and told them to my friends anda companions. 
Granted as the best student on Essays,yet in Primary School, I was invited by my Portuguese Language Teacher, to teach Sintax to Junior High School students.
In 1976, at the age of 28,I graduated as a Psychologis of PUC University in São Paulo, Brazil. Int his very year, with two children, I got divorced after being married for ten years. 
My reports on Clinical Treatments, during my stay at PUC, were taken as models by my classmates, for its literary quality and perspicacity.
Intending to become either a journalist or an actress , I took a one-year courseon Arts and Communication at USP, São Paulo University. 
AS a psychologist,I was incited at y pacient"s stories, full of enigmas to be solved and
So it was, that the act of writting took shape and body in myself, by secret, introverted, subjective, inward means.
Sometime ago,invited to write for ART3, a monthly paper in Caxamu, the city where I live, I gladly noticed that my readers are constant and interested.
Ithas been that positive public reaction that motivated me to present my texts and register myself for REBRA- Brazilian Writes Union-
Just like Pandora,"as hope is the last to die", I hope honestly that you appreciate my writing style.
Good reading!