Born on July 21st, 1956, is the eldest of 3 daughters. Doesn’t have children but two marvelous nephews, a boy and a girl. Raised with care and spoil, has always reattributed in the best way possums sentidoable.
Studying since she has 5 years old, has graduated in Business Management College with pos-graduation in the same area.
Dedicated to write since ever but her writings started to make more sense since her fourteens, nowadays she writes with responsibility, always doing her best to be honest with her feelings.
Traveled a lot, knew many countries and different cultures, which brought her experience and baggage of life.
Loved and still loves life, people, nature and all blessings already received.
Has marvelous long date friends, some considered by her as brothers and sisters and are special people with whom she always learns a lot.