She was born in Rio de Janeiro, during the flowers spring of September: daughter of Chateaubriand Pires de Mattos Belfort, from Pernambuco and Aurora da Cruz Belfort, from Rio de Janeiro.Since she was a child, she used to hear her mother say that her father did not give her his full name, because it was his wish to have a writer-daughter. He thought that, with a short name, this would make easier to sign it and teens, while in high school, she was always praised by her Portuguese language teacher.  Her grades for essays were the best in the classroom. Despite te call, the insistence, the incentive from her father, pretty satisfied with her grades, which seemed to confirm his prophecy of having  a writter-daughter, Vilma did not see the literature in her life. Time went and only now, Vilma starts to shape the idea and make her father's dream come true. She also shows that, in the twilight of her life, everything that  was accumulated in a lifetime, strongly culminates in a maturity, whose strength she uses to recover the lost time; now, no longer because of her father's wish, but for her own desire. She starts the publication of her texts on March 15,2007, at her Literature Corner, with 378 unpublished texts. In some of her texts, she has as an inspiration source, the everyday life of Brazilian northeast people, influenced by her father's origin, who was born in the small town of Floresta dos Navios, the heart, the core of Pernambuco state.
She is an engaged lawyer, with specialties and a book published by Editora Tmaisoito from Rio de Janeiro, "Fique Comigo" (Stay with me), launched, in April 8 of 2008. She participated in several anthologies, among them, the Brazilian Writers Anthology, 7th Edition, published by Editora RB; the Anthology "Emotions in family" published by Editora Oficina do Livro; Anthology "We, women" Vol. 6, also published by Editora Oficina do Livro; Brazilian Writers Anthology and Authors in Portuguese Language, published by Editora RB; Anthology "The talent in prose and verse "published by REBRA Editora Scortecci; Anthology "New Poets and New Talents", published by Editora Mar de Idéias; Anthology "Word link", published by Editora Scortecci. Presently, she participates in the new anthology project  "We, women", Vol. 7, to be published in December, and the Anthology "Pathways", to be published this month by Editora Leon do Paraná. Her second solo book is to be launched BUT  ALSO The ending Of the year, KARDIA: Passion Poems by Publisher Editora Livre Expressão from Rio de Janeiro. She is an active member of APOLO - Arts and Literature Academy of Poções City in Bahia state, known as the flowers and poets city and pertains on the UBE Union Brazilian of Writers.