CÉLIA Ferreira Lopes da Cruz LABANCA was born in Recife and has a BA in law from Pernambuco Catholic University.
- Labanca created and organized the first “Women´s Update Course”, carried out in partnership with the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation and CECOSNE.
- She is also director of the Pernambuco Contemporary Art Museum, and headed the Artimagem and Artespaço galleries, organizing art shows for Pernambuco´s Artists in several states throughout the country.
- Labanca also organized the “Umbral Project – Woman, Tradition and Surpassing”, created by the artists Ana Veloso and Virgínia Colares, and cited by Ana Mae in USP´s magazine “Advances Studies” – São Paulo University, 1996.
- She organized “Arts and Artists Project – What was done in the 70´s?”, created by the archeologist and historian Plínio Victor. Also for this project, she created and organized the “Briancardes Project”, which reached children from Recife´s slums and left an enormous collection of Art expression, fruit of the project’s experiences.
- She presented a chart concerning Art in “Celpe Reporter”, a Pernanbuco TV show.
- She’s curator in the field of Arts.
- Author of texts about arts and artists.
- Executive Attorney-in-Fact for the first art video made in the 80´s in Pernambuco by the astrologer Eduardo Maio. There’s a copy of this video in the archives of the New York Contemporaty Art Museum.
- Editor of “Young People”, a column in Jornal do Commércio, an important pernambucan newspaper.
- Participated in Radio and TV debate shows about the news and general knowledge.
- In the social work arena, Labanca was president of Communitarian Action Crusade in São Lourenço da Mata, PE, where she created and organized inclusive projects, like “Youth Brigade”, “Children Producing” and “After School Sports Project”, which received over five thousand children and teenagers between ten and eighteen years of age.
- Pernambuco´s representative of REBRA – Brazilian Female Writers Association.
- Received the title of “Grand Master of the Order of Guararapes”, bestowed in 1991 by the State Government for her services to Pernambucan culture.
- She’s published articles to Jornal do Commércio, transcribed to the State Legislature of Pernambuco´s historical records