Daniela Irene Binazzi, or, Didi de Todos os Santos ("Didi of all Saints).
Visual artist, story listener, story teller, painter.
Mother of three children, a turtle and 3 dogs. 
Specialist in gnocchi, pasta fagioli, pasta and pasticci....and baiao-de-dois.
Grows all kinds of plants, vegetable, flowers and promotes culture in her lands.
Believes in women, orishas, saints and company, which became the subject of her art.
Venetian - Brazilian,  half-American with hot spices from Bahia. In love with Brazil and its people. In love with people in general.
Didi and her daughter Judy - who works for the Peace Corps in Cape Verde - are currently working on a book to be published in Crioulo, Portuguese and English about the differences and similarities between the women in Cape Verde and in Brazil.