Silvia Bruno Securato has graduated in Geography and has got a master's degree in Sciences of Religion, both granted by the Pontific Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). She wrote O Poder de Deus - A Transformação de Sua Vida (The Power of God - The transformation of Your Life) and Nós, Mulheres (We, Women), among other books. Now, she is the editorial coordinator of the Oficina do Livro Editora (the Book Workshop Press) and of the portal Catholic Religion (

She has written articles and given lectures on Sciences of Religion. After acting in several pastorals for the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, and attending families of the community, specially in the Diocese of Santo Amaro, in São Paulo, for over 15 years, she decided to research the several religions, new and old, for better understanding the religiosity of the Brazilian people. Therefore, she enrolled for the master's degree in Sciences of Religion in PUC-SP. This course encompassed the study of religions, in general, and the human search for the sacred. Having acquired experience in attending families as a lecturer, publishing articles and ministering courses for lecturers, she created, in the beginning of 2000, the portal Catholic Religion.

She published, in this same year, her book The Power of God - The Transformation of Your Life, where she describes her spiritual and personal experience, gathering some of the most important topics about the Catholic doctrine, besides several prayers.

From the works achieved in the portal Catholic Religion, she created the Oficina do Livro Editora, in 2001, publishing books on self-aid, literature, academic and religious studies.

In this portal, there is a channel called "Ask for your Prayer", in which the visitors ask for prayers for specific needs. Here, Silvia, first found out that one of people's biggest dilemmas occur in their personal relationships, in their families, at work or in society. Secondly, these people's worries are placed in matters connected to work, professional, study, business issues in general. Finally, in third place, but in a much lesser percentage, the requests are due to illnesses.

She decided, based on this data, to publish a book about the first concerning matter, according to the scale of requests of prayers, The Miracle Chaplet - The Healing of Relationships. As a consequence of her great success, Silvia released the second edition of her book, together with its second volume, The Miracle Chaplet - The Healing of Several Situations, and the third volume of the series, The Miracle Chaplet - The Healing of Diseases, both following the sequence researched in the requests of prayers.

When Pope John Paul II published the Encyclical about the Rosary and added a new Chaplet to the old one, the Oficina do Livro Editora published The Miracle Chaplet - The Interior Healing, inspired on the new mysteries: the mysteries of Light. Each of them contain the explanation on the subject, the Biblical explanations, meditations, supplications and prayers.

In November 2002, she coordinated and released her book We, Women, by the Oficina do Livro Editora. The book has declarations of 33 women who, according to their age, profession or social activity, present their experiences as a guide to help women to discover their potential and to come to terms with life not needing to submit themselves to preconceived ideas. Besides this, the book brings to all women messages of strength, sharing of experiences and useful tips to learn how to deal with emotions, family, children, profession and spirituality.

For the originality and proposition of her book, she received two awards by the Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History (ABACH): the Medal of Entrepreneurial Merit and, later, the Medal of Feminine Merit.

Nowadays, Silvia continues her researches on the area of spirituality, focusing the relationship of man with the sacred, the religiosity of the Brazilian people and the several world religions that have mostly influenced them.