Antonieta Josephina da Costa Araújo was Born in Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul, on the fifteenth of may, 1936.

She is the daughter of the lawyer Sabino José da Costa and his wife Maria do Carmo Preza, both dead.

Since the first letters till university she studied in her hometown. After that she attended a specialization course in administration school at "Rui Barbosa" University, in Andradina, São Paulo.

Since her childhood she used to live reading famous well known writers and during her adolescence she used to write poetry and chronicles for the student newspaper at the local school.

She taught Portuguese Language at "2 de Julho" school till her retirement in 1982. She published a short book about this local school where she kept teaching for three decades.

In the book "Escritores 2.000" published by Litteris and Casa do Novo Autor, Rio de Janeiro, she wrote a story called "La Aurora".

Her sonnets are most of the time about every day subjects and the chronicles resembled her adolescence but she occasionaly wrote about universal themes like war and Christianity.

She is Christian, married and has a child and a grandson. She lives in her hometown devoting her free time to new poems and chronicles.