Born in São Paulo/SP/Brazil, Luciene Lima writes since the age of 14. Secretary and translator (English-Portuguese-English), she writes for pleasure, not having a single day without producing literature. However, she never had interest in publishing her work in book format.

Contrary to classifications, she basically writes poetry, chronicles and text analyses/interpretations.

She's subscribed in internet literature groups and her major concern is related to the authorship of the written works, not just her own but also the another writers.

LLima, name used to sign her works, believes that the access to the books, the habit of the reading, can be the responsible for a worthier and respected country and, at the same time, enlarges every human being's internal map, capable to save us from the sameness of our daily life.

Coming from a humble family, she didn't have an easy access to the world of the literature and she believes that a lifetime is very short for the knowledge range one can have through the reading habit.

She believes that the literature in Brazil assumes elitist character, starting from the moment that it just offers the old and good municipal library - not always present in the poorest cities - as access source for the simplest people and not always possessing in its collections literature of good suit.

Loving the cordel literature style line, feeds the dream of turning the literature accessible to all people, independent of age, place and financial condition, as a corporate asset, a need- and basic - to be satisfied.

She's a shy writer in what refers to external publications, but daring with respect to the exhibition of personal ideas. She can be characterized as innovator, starting from the moment in that she forms an alliance text with images, as it can be seen in, her temporary website address.