Maria Neuma Pereira, graduated in law from the University of Guarulhos-UNG, 2010. Broadcaster, 93/96, airplay: progress of Juazeiro do Norte; Cetama of Barbalha; New Time of Crato and New Time of Cascavel, State of Ceará. Currently resident in Guarulhos-São Paulo, where I am a civil servant, concursada, since 1998. Here, I published a book, I participated in anthologies; published texts, poems and messages in journal Olho Vivo Guarulhos and in Usina de Letras, between the years 2001 and 2002. Today I publish frequently in site:

Because to write? 

To write is to transpirar exclusive cells of each intellect fertilizando the land with a little of reality and fancy, dream and illusion, characteristic of each being;
It is to form opinion, to make and to undo illusion;
It is to perpetuate in the silence of the letters the voice of the heart, that sad or happy, overflows emotions and certainties as the sweat assigns the pores wetting the entire body;
To write, I mention, to not it or facts teses technician, but, yes, in carrying emotions and certainties to the writing as the blood carries oxygen to the brain;
Is to try to become concrete the abstract, so that the réstias of the feelings are heard and felt for the sensible and loving hearts of the life.
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