My name is Maria Helena Mariani Vecchi. I was born in "Jardinópolis", a pleasant small town in the Northeast of São Paulo State, on January 27 th 1937.

I spent my childhood days, in the shade of the mango trees, spread throughout the back yards of almost all the houses in that town. "Yellow mouth stained by the colour of the fruit, and obsessed with reching poetry since an early age.

I started writing verses during my adolescence which were presentend at local fairs and parties. Gifted whit poetry, written for pleasure, I was always extremely expressive and descriptive in my way of speaking and writing.

As a hard working student, I defended thesis at the "Escola Normal Sagrado Coração de Jesus" and I qualified my school in first place with a piece of writing entitled "The first school benches are the mother´s knees".

I was eighteen years old, when I came to the city of São Paulo, and I used to write about the sudden change in my life, and magnitude of the city. It was another time.

I married in 1959 and had two daughters, I kept expressing myself without any great intentions but only for pleasure.

At fifth, my first book was ready - "Dos Infinitivos ao Infinito" (a poem using the infinitives of the verbs). In fact it was an autobiography, poetizing my life, and my ancestors. However an unexpected but welcome son, who was 12 years old at the time, made me decide to posrpone the literary work and the publication of the book in order to dedicate myself completely to bringing him up. Only in Setember 1997 I launched the book, wich took place in the agency of "Bank of Brasil in Vila Prudente".

In the "Bienal" in 1998, I collected several pieces of work, and an original dialogue with my own emotions - "O Fantástico Universo do Ser" was the title of the second book.

Presently, in the fist day of the first month of the third milenium, I decided to change my writing style, whithout forsaking my poetry. "Cada um come conforme a fome" is the title of the new book. It is composed of 26 short stories and chronicles of the quotidian.

I´ve been working hard. It's what I like to do. This is the way I´m, and then my family, friends, similars, also all the love wich I carry inside of me and will go along with me until the end.