Rosaura Paranhos is a psychologist and a female poet. Under the inspiration of the novel Don Quixote, by Cervantes, she wrote two books. The poems book, still under completion, has the temporary title “Dom Quixote e outros poemas” (Don Quixote and other Poems). The essay named “A Caminho do Super-homem” (On the way to the Super-man) and subtitle "Quixote e Carlitos, dois Símbolos para entender o Homem atual” (Quixote and Carlitos, two symbols to understand the actual man) was finished after 12 years of autodidact study and research. Its main theme deals with the body-mind issue. Gabriel Perissé, an acknowledged educator and writer, has recently evaluated it as follows: 

“(...) The book mentioned has an appealing proposal: to understand the contemporary man in face of an analysis of symbols extracted from the classic literature (D. Quixote), from the movie (Carlitos) and from the comics (Super-man). An ambitious project, which the writer undertakes with a conscious that this is a complex and demanding task (…)”. Afterwards, he confided to the writer:
“(…) I learned a lot with the reading, because it is, in fact, challenging to think about the contemporary man’ s condition, surrounded by machines that amplify his power and, nevertheless, denounce our fragility. This idea is very rich and full of consequences. I can confide to you that, after reading your work, I started to look at automobiles and computers with a different look and, this is what makes the reading relevant – to be able to influence other people’s views! (...)”. 
The book offers an original vision of the reality, because it deals with contemporary issues under an apparently old fashioned way; however, it has been shown to be so actual. Particularly, for representing a woman’s point of view about a philosophical issue, traditionally masculine grounds.