My name is Rosângela Scheithauer, I was born in Mogi Mirim (SP), Brazil, on 5th October, 19-- under a less complicated surname than this one I acquired from my austrian husband. My maiden surname was Diogo Bueno, much easier to pronounce and spell.

I left Brazil in 1978 to study in England because English was my passion due mainly to my then beloved John Lennon. I had to learn his language! I promisedd my mother to return within six months but due to circunstances beyond my control I never kept my promise. I fell in love and married Peter, my austrian husband with whom I have been living for 18 years and with whom I have two children, René Philip and Natalie, 14 and 8 years old respectively.

Apart from London where I lived for almost 10 years I also lived in Milan, following my husband who went there to take up a position with an american bank. After that we settled in Austria, first in Viena where we lived for 9 years and since 1999 we have been living in Linz, Upper Austria. While in Milan I met a 90-year-old painter called Carlo Righi who descovered in me a talent which never in my wildest dreams thought I had: that of painting!

Thanks to this old "master", God bless him in heaven, today I am what I am, a painter.

There is a saying which goes: "man`s best friend is his dog". I have two best friends: my brush and my pen, the latter being slowly substituted by the computer. I find that through my paintings and writings I can feel closer to my beloved Brazil. My paintings transmit all the beauty, magic and emotions of the brazilian soul.

My short stories and poems are pieces of myself, my heart and feelings. My way of writing is simple like children` s language which is heard with affection.

For the very first time I am participating as co-author of an anthology entitled "II Antologia Nau Literária" by Editora Komedi in Brazil. It`s quite an odd feeling to see my poems and short stories in this book! For someone like me who never had any literature aspirations, no intelect, simply writing "my mind and my soul" in an old yellow book which I have been carrying with me along all these years since I left Brazil – well, I really feel proud of myself.

I love to read everything which comes into my hands, whether in the form of books, magazines or even children comics. Most probably I inherited my love of reading from my mother who is a passionate reader.

I am a great fan of music specially classics like Chopin and Mozart or pop like Brian Adams and Madonna, brazilian popular music and samba. I whisttle quite a lot while cooking, cleaning the house (yes, I am a housewife as well, mother, cleaner, cook, psicologist, nurse, doctor like all other housewiwes). Sometimes I dare sing as well and actually I don`t sing so badly. Again, I probably got my voice from my mother who was a soprano singer at our local church.

I love to go to the movies, mainly on mondays when they show the original versions. My favourite films are Forrest Gump and Somewhere in time, both of which I must already have seen ten times!

I have good qualities but also defects under the motto "nobody is perfect". I am a bit temperamental, talk rather loudly and gesticulate quite a lot. I can also be loving, passionate and extremely sensitive.

My spare time, that is to say, when I find time to spare, is dedicated to reading, writing and painting. My husband keeps telling me that I must have a missing screw in my head! Once he woke up at five in the morning to find me in my attelier by painting, other times by writing.

That`s how I am and that`s how I like to be. I am like a dog, if I feel like sleeping I sleep, if I feel like eating I eat – the same aplies to painting and writing.

Many times I`ve asked myself why is it that a day has only 24 hours? I am very active and always do many things at the same time. When I die, all I want written on my grave is:

"Sorry, I wanted to do more but there was not time".

There are no regrets in my life, I did everything I chose to do.

I don`t like the winter because it`s sad to see the trees loosing their leaves and having to go through cold temperatures all naked! Summer is much more my thing!

Destiny was strong and brought me to Austria where they officially have 147 days of winter! Well, I take it as it is and try to make the best of it.

Do I believe in God? Oh yes, and, like we say in Brazil, He is brazilian "Deus é brasileiro"

God blees all who read this!