Arádia Raymon, member of REBRA - Net of Brazilian Writers, is poetess, columnist, story writer, novelist and journalist.
          Deeply mystic, romantic and lover of the letters, her literary style is not arrested the any school, follows the course free from the Brazilian literature.
          She writes since the 14 years of age, when it adopted this pseudonym, and the poems of this phase are in their books "Fragments" and "Poems to the Silence."
          Descending of Portuguese on the maternal and natural side of the prosaic city of Urutaí, inside Goiás, Arádia Raymon is journalist's literary name of Maria Fernandes Novaes, which is Managing / Publisher of the Jornal do Cerrado.
          Although it also acts professionally as journalist in the last years has if dedicated eagerly to the romance and the story, tends already some works of that phase published, as the romance "THE SECRET LEONOR'S SECRET" and the infant-juvenile books, "LADY REBECA AND THE TRAMP"; and "WALK TO ANT'S CUTTERS CHARMED KINGDOM" and "THE FIVE FINGERS OF THE HAND."
In phase of finish they are the romances "BOWS... ETERNAL BOWS"; "JALIZA - the PRIESTESS OF AMON-RÁ"; "YUCATÃ"; "JARA" and a Collection of Chronicles written in the eighties, still without defined title.
          With the patronage of the House of the Culture of Pires do Rio, Goiás, also the publication is foreseen, in 2008, of a Collection of 10 little books entitled "Legends and Mysteries" that it gathers legends and regional "causos".