She is a psychologist, graduated at PUCPR(1981) Professor of Psychology at the Institute of Philosophy São Boaventura since 1987. With formation in Tai Chi Chuan by the Institute of Chinese Culture of Brazil and specialization in Harmonization of the Sensitive Body at PUCPR and Holistic Núcleus of Hysiotherapy. She is the Author of the book "The Red Elixir ...many talk of love..."

She coordinated Study Groups about Analytic Psychology during several years in which she was, also Director of Climep – Clínica Médico-Psicológica (Psychologic- Medical Clinic) SC Ltda. and Director of Eranos – Centre of Studies of the Human Person SC, having been Professor of Psychology of the Religion at the Studium Theologicum aggregated to the PUCPR. She ministered courses in the area of Analytic Psychology.

She studied: Neuropsychology, Anxiety and Depression, Dreams and Active Imagination, Dreams and Symbolic Development, The Dream of the Individuation of Carl G. Jung, The Dream in the Analysis of Jung, Psychosomatic: Multidisciplinary Vision, Psychopharmacology for Psychologists, Dreams in the Jungian Perspective. She studied Oriental Arts: Ikebana, Shodô (the Japanese art of writing with a paintbrush), Guo Huá (Chinese aquarelle) and Hai-Kai.