Neusa Braga Ximenes was born in Fortaleza, Ceará, in 1963, and has lived in São Paulo since she was 4.

At the age of 15, she started singing in music festivals and in shows in Ribeirão Preto, a city in the State of São Paulo. At the same time, she also started her literary work writing some short stories inspired in Julio Cortázar.

Although her friends insisted that she should develop her singing career, her real passion was not music, but literature. She began to pursue, then, her greatest dream: to become a writer. She continued her regular studies until she got to college, where she began studying at the Social Communication School, which she left unconcluded.

Still as a teenager, she had her daughter Raquel at the age of 19. And at 22, she had Bruna. To help her raise her children, she worked as a secretary for a long time. Nevertheless, she worked on her portable typewriter and produced several texts (children stories, short stories and chronicles), while her daughters were sleeping.

Computing soon came into her life and, even struggling to change her typewriter for a computer, it was this technology that, in 1998, made her see her first work released as a CD-ROM, called O Menino Jesus (The Young Jesus), published by Paulinas Multimídia. From then on, she has developed other projects in this same field.

Nowadays, she writes screenplays for movies, television and plays, besides children stories, short stories, chronicles and short-short stories, which are still unpublished. In May, 2000, she launched her first book by a virtual publisher, Writers, called Castigo - Um Roteiro para Cinema e TV (Punishment - A Screenplay for Movies and Television).