Eliana Barroso was born in Fortaleza in 1954. During her childhood she underwent the influence of her father, the poet, journalist and university professor Antonio Girão Barroso who, while she was still young, aroused her interest in Brazilian, as well as French, English and American literature. Although later she didn't pursue a literary career, she turned to journalism to fulfil her dream of writing with the curiosity and self-confidence by her father had taught her.

After finishing her studies in Communication which began at the University of Brasilia (UnB) and finished at the University of Ceará (UFC), she worked as a newspaper reporter, first in Fortaleza then in the capital of Brazil (DF) where she had a fonction in the Communication Department of the Ministry of Energy (MME). Though she never had any of her literary works published, she made contributions to cultural publications both on a university level and in the press media.

She is now living abroad, dedicating herself to free-lance work and trying to write in a very personal style, because she believes that to create is more important than to imitate and that the déjà vu repetition of other talented writers can sometimes become tiresome. In 1997 she wrote a short novel with the title « O (De)lírio do Místico » ( The delirium of the mystic) - but as her daughter said, the content is what matters - which has not yet been published and in which fiction and reality get mixed up in some kind of journey of the subconscience or, as in comics for adults, a trip in the dreamworld of the human creation. She is preparing a new novel which she hopes to finish soon and afterwards to translate in French.