Daughter of Tereza de Paula and Osório Franco Bueno, Nilce Franco Bueno was born at Arealva/SP district, on April 10 th. 1953. Until age 11 lived at Bauru city, after that moved to Rio Claro's district with her family, that was the inspiration for her first verses.
She studied at the João Batista Leme School during five years and right after at the Education Institute Joaquim Ribeiro.. She got married at the age of 20, and lived at São Paulo, where her both daughters were born: Fulvia Codazzi and Flávia Codazzi.
She has been back to Rio Claro12 years ago she has become a autodidactic journalist, whit published chronic at the following newspapers Cidade de Rio Claro and Diário do Rio Claro, mainly whit the developed job of children and teenagers, Through Special Supplements job for which received the recognition of the Rio Claro's stateroom at 1994 by the indication of the alderman then Sergio Carnevale.
Profissionally, she began to write to the Diário do Rio Claro at the beginning of 1991, moving to Jornal Cidade at 1992, where beyond the daily schedule developed pioneer jobs which enrich her curriculum.

- Weekly column "Musical round"(1192)
- Special subjects about polemics themees (1192 to 1997)
- Project and edition of childhood suppplement "Cidadinha" (from august of 1992 to february of 1998)
- Project and cast of teenager supplemeent "Cidateen"(1995)
- Column of daily chronicle "Magic Passs" (1997)
- Parallel at 1993, edited the school nnewspaper "Among us" at Koelle School during the 110th. anniversary of the School commemorations.
- Leaving the Jornal Cidade in 1998 shee started making jobs to Jornal Diário do Rio Claro where she left on August of 1998 to join the district administration, as na adviser press until the year of 2000. Also in 1998, she integrated intensely into Centro Literário de Rio Claro - CLIRC, starting to have a larger contact with the poetry.