In 1983, while she was still living in Brazil, she released her first literary work Éramos Quatro (The Four of Us), a reunion of short stories and memories of her teenage loves. In 1997, already living in the States, she released the fictional book Sonho Americano (American Dream), where she describes the story of a Brazilian immigrant in the States. Her book was praised by several authors and the press in general, being requested by the Brazilian Consulate Library in Miami, in San Francisco, the National Library of Rio de Janeiro and the Federal Library of Santa Catarina, among others. This book was referred to as "An interesting document of the story of immigrants who come looking for the American dream, a work which should be thoroughly studied", according to the Brazilian Evidência magazine,1998. Angela has made plans to release until the end of 2001 a new book of poems and prose. And also to reprint her American Dream, as its first edition is almost sold out. She still has enough material to release a new short stories book, which she has been writing whenever she has some free time.

Awards and Comments


Took part of the I Literary Contest of Boston, in 1997, receiving an award in the poetry category.
Won the I Literary Contest of Florida in 1998, with the poem Menino (Boy), promoted by the Brazilian Cultural Association of Broward (in Portuguese).
Won first prize in a national contest promoted by the Fannie Mae Foundation, an American government institution, running with 687 participants from all over the US, in composition, in 1999, that exceeded 1,500 words (in English).
The National Library of Poetry granted her with a diploma for her poem Meu Medo (My Fear) and invited her to have it published in the American Poetry Anthology, in 1999.
Awarded with the trophy OSCAR MULHER (Woman Oscar), 1998, in Brazil, sponsored by TV Alamanda.
SBT TV: Gala with important repercussion in the Brazil for diffusing the Brazilian language in foreign countries.
Awarded with the Community Trophy in 1998, during an event promoted by Brazilian Paper in Florida.
Nominated for the Brazilian Press Awards, in Miami, in 1999.
Took part for two consecutive years of the International Book Fair of Miami, where she exhibited her literary works, 1997/1998.
Granted an interview to the Marcos Cesar Show, in Florida, announcing her book, 1998.
Won the Brazilian Press Award, Miami, in 2000, in journalism/literature category.
Invited by SBT TV for a program to talk about her work (Tergon in Society), 1998.
Took part of the Program Woman at TV Alamanda/Globo as special guest (Brazil), 1998.
Granted interview for the Culture on TV of TV Amazonas/Record (Brazil), 1999.
Took part of the program Here Brazil, Miami with Alvaro de Sá, 2000.
Won the Literary Contest promoted by Fannie Mae Foundation, 2000, an American government organization, where hundreds of participants from several countries took part, being awarded first prize and a US$ 500 award, the only Brazilian woman to achieve this award (a chronicle in English).
Received the Honor to Merit Diploma, 2000 from the internet site Cantinho do Poeta (Poet's Corner), Londres, UK, for the excellency of her book, American Dream.
Received an homage at the Media Celebration Night, Florida, 2000, for her work as a columnist and journalist for the Brazilian community in the US.
Received the Brazilian Press Awards 2000, in Miami, with journalism category. Popular poll chooses people of the year in the cultural, entrepreneurial and political areas in the US.
Received the Brazil Trophy, 2001, in the journalism category, annual event held in Miami, rendering homage to Brazilians who work to keep the Brazilian culture in the US.

"Angela Bretas has the gift and the guts of someone who knows how to write, and mainly to transmit innermost feelings, those next to the heart..." (Miguel Jorge, writer)

"The main quality of American Dream is its sincerity, which gives the book that dignity that all serious works should be wrapped with." (Antonio Possidonio Sampaio, writer)

"The character's experience, even told in a very simple way, has only to add and suits the inspiration... It is a book that every Brazilian immigrant should read..." (Fernando Tanajura Menezes, writer and poet)

"The Book of the Year!" (Brazilian Paper)

"Her article was a success even before being published... we had only announced she would be writing for us that we started receiving a shower of phone calls in our press offices..." (Publisher of Correio Popular, Brazil)

"The author, with excellence and effort, conducts her reader through the mingling of her transparent introspection and invites him to unconsciously dive in the void space of his own introspective world..." (Edmar Bernardes da Silva, poet and writer)

"Angela Bretas explains the difficulties and delusions lived by Brazilians who want to make the America..." (Diário da Amazônia, Brazil)

"To focus the struggle of the immigrants who want to find a better life in the US is the main purpose of American Dream..." (Diário do Rio Doce, MG, Brazil)

"Finally a book that describes the day by day of the immigrants in America." (Brazilian Times, Boston, Ma.)

"This book is a very interesting document as a 'portrait" of the life of many Brazilians who immigrate to the United States of America." (Plus magazine, Miami, Fl.)

"American Dream is a book of absolute realism, which takes us to the drama of those who, for their idealism, flee from Latin America to this great country, a cellar of opportunities for young people who dream of their future and wait, most of the times totally unprepared, to furl the flag of victory...I express my happiness for having read this book. Angela, keep on your writing mission. It is a gift of God, a mission fulfilled by those who were predestined to it!" (Tobias Pinheiro, journalist, writer, State Citizen of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Member of the Administrative Council of the Brazilian Press Association, Member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters).

"It's a very well written book, the words flow like a torrential river..." (Jean-Pierre Barakat, poet, Brazil, 2000).