1.01 — "Empty" poetry participation in the anthology "Brazilian Poets Today" - Shogun Editora e Arte - Rio de Janeiro - 1990

1.02 — "Help-me" and "Imagination"poetries, participation in the anthology "New Brazilian Poetry" - Shogun Editora e Arte - Rio de Janeiro - 1990 

1.03 — "Our friendship" poetry participation in the anthology "Literature values of Brazil" - Grupo Brasília de Comunicação - Reis de Souza - 1991 

1.04 — "Arribation", "Technology" and "The Skin's Flower" poetries, participation in Anthology II, Literary Center of Rio Claro, 1999 (Responsible for the diagramation and editoration of the handiwork) 

1.05 — "Gettin Old" poetry, participation in the Anthology (1ST Poetry prize) Intermunicipal Hall of Culture (Araras, Limeira, Piracicaba anda Santa Barbara D'Oeste and Rio Claro) - 2000 

1.06 — "The Boy from Febem" (tale rewarded in 7TH honored mention) at the tale's contest José Antonio Riani, published by the Academia de Letras of São Paulo (Algrasp), Associated Schools "Pueri Domus" and the Culture Department of São Caetano do Sul (SP) - 2000 

1.07 — "Getting Old" visual poetry, first national place and "The Boy from Febem" tale, third national place at the contest, 3ª Mission Prize, published by the Cultural Production Igaraçaba, of Roque Gonzales/RS - 2000. 


02.01 - "Verses inside out", poetry book from her teenager years, illustraded by the young plastic artist Nathália de Godoy Camargo Turolla - first edition - April 2000 - Degaspari Publisher from Piracicaba/SP.